Spring 2016 Newsletter

Upton Business Association Spring Newsletter 2016

This Newsletter will bring you up to date with our planned activities for 2016. During the past two years we have been able to draw on Economic Flood Recovery funding through MHDC. For 2016 this funding is now much reduced, and we will need to rely more on our own resources.

We still continue with a significant programme of projects, mainly aimed at supporting the business environment, and encouraging visitors to the town.

Flags  Our flag stock is being cleaned and repaired. Additional patriotic flags are being purchased for this very ìRoyalî year, together with bunting for the length of the town. The flags will be up towards the end of April, and the bunting in June. The Spring and Summer banners at the town approaches will also be deployed at these times.

Hanging baskets  This is an important year for Upton in Bloom, being entered into two major competitions. Although funding is limited, we will again supply a significant number of stunning floral basket displays. We are working with the Bloom to make the best use of what we have, ensuring that the town gives a fitting floral welcome to our thousands of visitors. However if individual traders wish to support Upton in Bloom directly, then we encourage you to do so.

Town Guide  The Town Guide will be published again in the same format as last year. Distribution will initially be limited to 10,000 with a largely local distribution. Availability is planned for end of April. All central business district businesses are planned to be included.

The Queenís Bash!  Working with the Primary School Friends and Upton WI Hot Peppers, the UBA will be hosting a community Street Party Birthday Tea on the playing fields, after the town Carnival Procession, all in celebration of our Queens 90th birthday on June 11th.

Coach Stop Upton  Following on a report commissioned from Steve Reed Tourism, we have established a working group to develop a strategy and offering package, aimed to encourage tour operators including Upton as a key stopping off point for their coach itineraries. Please let us know if you would like to be involved.

Visitor signage   We commissioned a professional visitor signage survey from People & Places Ltd. Their proposals have been reviewed by a wide group of local organisations, and we now have a detailed action plan to determine costs and means of implementation. We have also worked with WCC Highways to install Upton direction signs at the M50/A38 junction.

Town Christmas tree  Last year the UBA, with financial support from the Town Council, erected and dressed a large Christmas tree right in the centre of town. Feedback from many tells us this was great success, and so we plan to do it again in 2016.

Speaking up for local business  We always campaign on issues affecting local business, including bus services, rubbish collection day, the car park entrance closure, raising the A38 into town, and mobile phone reception. We will also be supporting HCHS students in Benchmark 2016, the Town Partnershipís new Town Calendar, and Upton Blues Radio.

UBA Membership  We hope you agree that we have a worthwhile programme, and are happy to hear your additional suggestions. Due to the Economic Flood Funding, for the past two years we have been able to operate without asking for membership dues, but for this year, with much reduced financial support, our projects can only go fully ahead by asking for a modest contribution from all traders. The April 2016/ April 2017 contribution is set at a modest £10 per business. Membership ensures entry to the Town Guide, and space on the www.youruptonuponsevern.co.uk  website and our social media pages. Attached to the hardcopy of this Newsletter is a tear-off receipt for your Membership subscription.

You can contact me at chair@uptonbusiness.co.uk or call in at Value for Money, if you have questions or suggestions.