January 2015 Feedback

Upton Business Association

Report to members on UBA evening meeting 14th January 2015.

To our Members and Business Associates,

Feedback from members and associates after our 14th January meeting has been very positive. The event was well attended, and you gave us plenty of feedback in the open discussion forum.

Our presenter Mike King, from People-Places, rated the event one of the better ones he had attended. We also thank The Boathouse for their hospitality arrangements and MHDC for hosting the event.

Below, as a reminder, are summary notes from the flip chart open forum input. A wide range of important points and suggestions were raised. We have used this input to prepare a possible list of actions for the UBA and it’s members in 2015.

We have already agreed the funding for some routine items such as our hanging basket display, flags and banners. Also MHDC will conduct a professional visitor signage study, and we will seek an improvement in the brown tourist signs along the A38.

Also below is a list of suggested investment projects, all prompted by your discussions as our planning meeting.  Please respond by email ASAP to chair@uptonbusiness.co.uk advising which items you support, and whether you would like to personally help on these projects, and please add any further suggestions to our list. Support for these projects will help in allocating appropriate funding. Your input by February 27th at the latest will be most helpful.

Looking forward to your response,

Best regards
Annette Keyworth, Chairperson, Upton Business Association.


Notes from Upton Traders Meeting  –  Wednesday 14th January 2015


  • Reduced/Free Evening Charges?
  • Promotional Stands in Car Parks
  • Signage Review for car users: UTC Car Parking Group – Disbanded??
    • New Signs to Direct Visitors
    • Access to Car Parking during floods & Clear Car Park Signs
  • 2 hour on street parking


  • Positive Radio when floods
  • Late Night opening? Needs extra to make worthwhilePromotion of Town to West Midlands – Day Trips?
    • Coaches
    • Event/Mkt
    • Cheap Car Parking
  • Identify NON Users of Upton – Arkenford consultants??
  • UBA Advertising Trailer in layby’s
  • Night Time Offer in Upton good – Promotion
  • UBA Promotions – Guide/Website


  • Access to Town on Public Transport  –  late evening buses
  • Welland Steam FREE Bus to Upton
  • Advertising Upton to Showground Visitors/Blackmore Caravan Park
  • Bus from Blackmore Caravan Park to Upton – Friday Community Bus extension?


  • Coach Business  –  invite Coach Companies to Town to explain what they want
  • Coach Company promotions
  • Day Itinerary for Upton – Croome/Free Lunch
  • Coach Company Mystery Tours
  • Coach Facilities – Drop off


  • Signage audit for Town centre users
  • Pedestrian Signs & info on shops/attractions
  • Brown Signs – M5O/A38
  • More ‘descriptive’ brown signs as you get closer to town
  • Picnic Places – signage required

Improving appearance

  • ‘Scruffy’ shops/Town?  –  Half year deep clean?
  • Display Boards in empty shopsDirty Pavements – Ask Shopkeepers to care for them?
  • Deep Clean/Street Cleaning Regiment
  • Identify what shops the Town needs and target them – info to agents/solicitors/accountants/developers

UTC Projects

  • Cater for Children and Families  – children’s play area improvements
  • River Traffic  –  More Moorings needed – UTC


  • Events on the River UBA Kings Head/Swan
  • Elgar Route/Civil War – Promote Uptons Links – Sealed Knot event??
  • Extended Events Calendar in Town


Proposed project outlines for 2015

1.Produce an A3 size, double sided Town Guide, full colour. Quantity 10,000 and regularly distributed to hotels, TICs, tourist events, service stations, coach companies, travel agents, festival tickets etc. Promotes Upton tourist attractions, shops and hospitality outlets.

2.Initiate project to attract Coach Tour visitors, promote with operators, and manage coach drop off/collect passenger logistics. etc.

3.Create Upton themed displays in Hanley Road and Pavilion car parks, plus in the Town itself, directing visitors to specific tourist, shopping, and hospitality outlets, including schematic maps.

4.Work with the Town Council to smarten up the New Street play area, as an important resource for both visitors and residents. Put plans together to enable access to S106 funds for a major re-development of the whole play area in two years time.

5.Plan and implement a new river based festival, to capitalise on Upton’s major tourist attraction.

6.Initiate project to promote Upton as a preferred destination for cyclists and walkers. What are the attractors, advertising and brochures. etc.

7.Work with the Town Council and other partners to provide additional visitor moorings, to optimise Upton as a major river destination and mooring point on the River Severn

8.Work with individual traders and MHDC to ensure adequate CCTV coverage of the High Street, New Street and Old Street, so as to provide cover for any high street crime which affects both businesses and the wider community.

9.Initiate a project to determine and implement business opportunities associated with the Blackmore Caravan Park and the Welland Steam Fair. To include both promotional and transport aspects.