Facewatch system and CCTV offer

In our Summer Newsletter we reported on progress in the CCTV project.

You expressed real concern over the spate of shoplifting and break-ins at retail premises during the past twelve months or so. Initially there was a call for extensive CCTV coverage along the High Street and Old Street.

This presented both logistical and financial problems, as well as concerns over personal liberties. However, the Police are now promoting a widely used and very successful scheme called Facewatch. Membership costs just £3 per month, and members can report incidents to the Police, receive warnings of crime and scams, or share concerns to group users [for example a group of pubs], and these can be integrated with images from your in house CCTV, and images received from the Police.

The Business Association believes that the Facewatch option, combined with in-shop CCTV, is a really cost effective and secure solution to the concerns over retail crime, and we recommend that everyone carefully considers the benefits of this simple but effective security system.

The Police have been actively visiting shops and offices in the town, explaining the benefits and ease of use of Facewatch, and the initial sign up has been encouraging. Further information is available on www.facewatch.co.uk

We have also arranged a scheme with MHDC Economic Development group, to subsidise the purchase of a simple one camera system for those without equipment. This CCTV system is a one camera kit that’s easy to setup and offers a range of useful features. The Business Association have negotiated with MHDC for this one camera CCTV set up to be made available to Upton traders at a special price of £115. The only condition is that you sign up to the Facewatch scheme for an initial 12 month period. Advice is available as to the best positioning of the camera, and how to integrate the images, when needed, into your Facewatch account.

When the Police visit you to promote membership of the Facewatch scheme, they can also offer information on the camera purchase scheme.

To order your camera kit, or for more information, please contact Ian White, MHDC Rural and Business Crime Officer on 0797 370 2985 or by email to Ian.White2@malvernhills.gov.uk The camera system being provided can be viewed online at;

The system records onto a 7″ monitor, and can be expanded to four cameras. The system is wireless, so there are no cables between the cameras and the monitor unit. The camera can be set to record continuously, when motion is detected, or at scheduled times. The monitor has an alarm feature which will trigger when motion is detected. The camera is weatherproof and has a 200m open range and a 20m night vision range.